Amanda Tersigni Leaves Rivalry After Three Years

Amanda Tersigni Leaves Rivalry after Significant Career Growth

After three years with Rivalry, Amanda Tersigni has announced her departure from the company. Tersigni, who initially joined the esports betting operator in December 2020 as a Product Manager, quickly rose through the ranks to become the Director of Product. Her time at Rivalry has been characterized by significant career growth and professional development, with Tersigni being a key contributor to the company’s success.

Tersigni’s diverse expertise, gained from previous product-focused positions in Toronto-based companies such as Achievers, UpHabit, Yulio Technologies, and Pixel Tours, allowed her to make a substantial impact at Rivalry. Her ability to navigate innovative design and emerging technologies proved to be a valuable asset in the esports industry.

During her time at Rivalry, Tersigni expressed gratitude for the growth and challenges that helped her evolve both personally and professionally. Her leadership and contributions were instrumental in propelling Rivalry to a successful period, marked by significant milestone achievements.

While Tersigni did not disclose her specific plans for the future, she expressed confidence in Rivalry’s enduring success and the remarkable achievements the company is poised to achieve in the coming years. Her departure comes at a time when Rivalry is well-positioned for further growth, having recently secured a CAD 14 million investment to fund general working capital and corporate purposes.

As Rivalry bids farewell to Tersigni, the company remains focused on maintaining its market position and pursuing exciting new developments. Her impact and leadership will undoubtedly influence Rivalry’s future endeavors, as the company continues its commitment to customer engagement and satisfaction in the ever-growing esports industry.