Aristocrat Unveils NFL Super Bowl Link in Time for the Big Game

Aristocrat Gaming Launches NFL Super Bowl Link Slot Game with Personalization Options

Aristocrat Gaming, a leading manufacturer of slot machines and casino games, has recently unveiled its latest NFL-themed slot game, the NFL Super Bowl Link. This class 3 game is designed for Aristocrat Gaming’s popular MarsX Portrait cabinet and has been released just in time for the upcoming Super Bowl.

The NFL Super Bowl Link is described as a high-volatility game with average feature frequency, offering fans a chance to engage with some NFL action ahead of the big game. What sets Aristocrat Gaming’s NFL-themed slots apart is the level of personalization they offer to players, as they are able to choose their favorite NFL team to play with. With 32 teams in the National Football League to choose from, this feature reflects the company’s dedication to providing high-quality sports-themed products to its fan base.

In addition to the personalized gameplay, the NFL Super Bowl Link also boasts impressive jackpot offerings, including an SSP jackpot starting at $10,000 and an SAP jackpot starting at $1,000 and $5,000. The game features a variety of engaging mechanics, such as the Wild Card Bonus, which allows players to win five free games with cash-on-reel, wild stacks, and the opportunity to trigger the Hold & Spin feature.

The Hold & Spin feature awards cash-on-reel football prizes ranging from 5x to 100x the bet, as well as the chance to win Mini, Minor, or Major jackpots. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl Ultimate Hold & Spin feature offers cash-on-reel football prizes ranging from 50x to 100x the bet, in addition to the opportunity to win the Minor or Major jackpots.

The launch of the NFL Super Bowl Link comes amidst legal action taken by Aristocrat Gaming against one of its game design directors, Dinh Toan Tran. The company alleges that Tran downloaded thousands of confidential files without authorization. According to the lawsuit, Tran may have downloaded up to 6,800 files, which Aristocrat is now seeking to recover through legal means. This legal dispute serves as a contrast to the excitement around the launch of the NFL Super Bowl Link and underscores the potential impact of intellectual property disputes in the gaming industry.