Atari’s Plans for Las Vegas Hotel Moving Forward Quickly

Reports suggest that the long-awaited Atari Las Vegas hotel could finally be on the brink of becoming a reality in 2024. The idea for the hotel was first proposed in 2020, with GSD Group, the company spearheading the project, unveiling renderings of the planned 400-room property situated on a 5-to-7-acre site near the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Originally, the developers aimed to open the hotel by the end of 2022, but those plans never came to fruition. However, in a recent interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, an Atari Hotels spokesperson hinted at the possibility of the hotel finally materializing, revealing that the company is actively searching for a suitable site near the Strip and discussing the matter with partners.

The project’s website remains active, suggesting that more news about the development will be shared in the first half of the year. The hotel is part of Atari’s larger ambition to establish a chain of branded hotels, with plans for properties in seven other U.S. cities. Renderings for these properties have already been created, but the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled progress on them.

Atari’s goal is to create a series of modern hotels that offer a unique hospitality experience inspired by video gaming culture. Although Atari has not been able to compete with the likes of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft in the video game industry, the company still holds a special place in the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts.

The hotel project demonstrates Atari’s desire to diversify into different sectors while maintaining its connection to video gaming. While the specific details of the Atari Las Vegas hotel remain uncertain, it’s clear that there is significant anticipation for the potential realization of this unique concept.