Call to Action: Gambling with Lives Urges UKGC to Crack Down on Reckless Gambling Operators

A month ago, the leading international online gaming operator, Gamesys, was fined in the United Kingdom for violating AML and social responsibility regulations. Now, Gambling with Lives, a charity established by families affected by gambling-related tragedies, is urging the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to revoke the licenses of companies found guilty of serious violations.

The charity has launched a petition titled “Stop reckless gambling firms,” calling for stricter enforcement of the UK’s social responsibility rules. It argues that the current fines imposed on gambling operators are easily paid by large companies and do not serve as a sufficient deterrent. Gambling with Lives emphasizes the potential link between unregulated gambling and suicides, pointing to statistics showing that 496 people in Britain take their lives due to gambling addiction every year.

According to the charity, the massive revenues generated by big gambling operators make it easy for them to absorb fines, which they see as nothing more than a cost of doing business. As a result, there is little incentive for these companies to change their behavior. Gamesys’ recent £6 million fine, for example, was seen as inconsequential considering its parent company, Bally’s, earns almost £2 billion annually.

In light of this, Gambling with Lives is calling for more severe consequences for violators. The charity believes that the threat of losing their licenses would force gambling firms to take social responsibility and AML regulations more seriously. It argues that without the fear of losing their licenses, these companies are unlikely to change their ways.

The petition, launched recently, has already garnered over 1,100 signatures out of its 2,000-signature target. Gambling with Lives is seeking public support in its campaign to persuade the UKGC to crack down on serious violators and prevent gambling-related deaths in Britain.