CEO Mühlbach and Raketech Split Amid Strategic Differences

Raketech Online Affiliate and Content Marketing Specialist Announces CEO Departure

Raketech, a leading online affiliate and content marketing specialist, recently announced the departure of Oskar Mühlbach from his role as chief executive officer. The company stated that Mühlbach and the board had differing views on the strategic direction of the company, leading to this decision. However, all parties involved agreed to the departure, indicating an amicable resolution to the situation.

Mühlbach, who has been with Raketech since December 2019, had differing views on the company’s strategic direction and mutually agreed to step down. In the interim, Johan Svensson, co-founder, chief commercial officer, and former board member, will assume the role of acting CEO until a permanent replacement is found.

Svensson, who resigned from the company board in October 2023 to focus on his CCO role, previously served as CEO of Raketech until 2017. His experience within the company makes him a suitable candidate to serve as interim CEO until a permanent successor is appointed.

The announcement stated that Svensson would assume the role of acting CEO with immediate effect. This change in leadership comes shortly after the appointment of Dalia Turner as the company’s chief people officer.

Ulrik Bengtsson, Raketech’s board chairman, commented on Mühlbach’s departure, commending him for his service to the company. Bengtsson praised Mühlbach’s leadership and his role in guiding the company through a significant strategic transformation and growth journey. He also thanked Mühlbach for the company’s success over the past years. As a result of the leadership change, Raketech’s shares experienced a decline, but the company assured investors that this change would not impact its guidance for the fiscal year 2023. Notably, Raketech’s shares were trading at SEK 17.42 at the time of the announcement.