Danish Operators Encouraged to Submit New GoAML Indicators, Says Spillemyndigheden

The Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has reached out to the gambling industry for feedback on the country’s new anti-money laundering (AML) system. The system, known as GoAML and operated by the Money Laundering Secretariat, is designed to flag potential instances of money laundering and terrorism financing.

GoAML tracks AML reports within the country, providing crucial information to the Money Laundering Secretariat to aid in launching further investigations. The system’s ultimate goal is to help Danish authorities combat money laundering and terrorism financing, thereby maintaining a healthy gambling market in Denmark.

However, the Spillemyndigheden has expressed concerns about the limited options available to gambling operators when submitting AML reports. Currently, operators can only select one indicator, which is “money laundering through gambling.” The regulator believes that more options should be available to better reflect the complexities of the gambling industry.

In response to these concerns, the Spillemyndigheden has engaged in discussions with the Money Laundering Secretariat to address the issue. The Secretariat has agreed to consider adding more options, and an inquiry has been launched to determine which indicators operators would like to see included.

To gather input from the gambling industry, the Spillemyndigheden has invited companies to submit their suggestions for GoAML indicators. Suggestions can be sent to the regulator via email by February 5, with the subject line “input for indicators.” Once the submission period has concluded, the Spillemyndigheden will forward the suggestions to the Money Laundering Secretariat for further consideration.

In addition to seeking feedback on the AML system, the Spillemyndigheden has also recently unveiled a new informational website, StyrPĂ„Spillet.dk, aimed at providing Danish consumers with information about gambling and potential gambling-related harm. The regulator is committed to educating consumers and protecting the Danish market from fraudulent activity, as evidenced by its efforts to block 49 illegal gambling websites last year. The Spillemyndigheden plans to continue blocking illegal operators at least twice a year going forward.