Eight Suspects Arrested in Macau Casino Chip Scam

Last year in Macau, a fraudulent scheme was uncovered, with nearly 1,000 fake chips seized by police authorities. Around 500 counterfeit casino chips were used at Galaxy Macau Casino, leading to an estimated loss of HK$1.62 million.

Recently, the Judiciary Police in Macau arrested individuals suspected of similar activities. A casino in Cotai City notified law enforcement after an inspection uncovered counterfeit casino chips. Inconsistent chips related to 25 chips were found in the bead trays of two gaming tables, leading to the discovery of 33 counterfeit chips and a loss of HK$1.62 million.

Four individuals allegedly involved in the activity were detained by the casino’s security guards, but more people were suspected to be involved. Another suspect was successfully tracked down and detained by the police, all of whom were mainland China residents. The detainees claimed they acted upon directions from a higher-ranking member of the criminal group.

Furthermore, three key members of the criminal group were detained in mainland China through cooperation between the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Zhuhai Criminal Police Detachment. In total, eight people allegedly involved in the criminal activity were arrested.

The investigation into the case is ongoing, as police continue to make efforts to uncover all individuals involved in the fraudulent activity. Casino operators are frequently targeted by criminals attempting to cheat or manipulate games for their advantage. In this case, the police have made significant progress in apprehending those responsible and preventing further fraudulent activities.