Enteractive’s Reactivation Solutions Chosen by Stake.com for Customer Engagement

Stake.com Teams Up with Enteractive to Re-Engage Players and Boost Revenue

Stake.com, a prominent online casino, has recently announced a partnership with Enteractive, a leading player conversion and reactivation company. The collaboration will see Enteractive supporting Stake.com’s existing CRM services by implementing tailored reactivation campaigns.

The primary goal of this partnership is to re-engage lapsed players and enhance the operator’s overall revenue. Enteractive’s reactivation campaigns will specifically target dormant audience segments, utilizing their personalized approach to effectively reach out to players who have stopped engaging with the platform.

With over 15 years of experience in player conversion and reactivation, Enteractive has built a strong reputation as one of the top revenue generators in the global online casino sector. The company has engaged millions of players since its establishment in 2008 and continues to deliver impressive results for its partners.

In 2023 alone, Enteractive interacted with more than 8.1 million players, generating over €59 million in revenue from nearly €263 million in deposits for global operators. The company utilizes its proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform to seamlessly integrate selected player bases and employs native-speaking agents to facilitate outreach across multiple jurisdictions. As a result, Enteractive is able to convert approximately 16,000 players each month.

Kelly Briffa, Enteractive’s B2B sales executive, emphasized the value of the company’s approach, stating that the one-to-one conversations conducted by the team add significant value to both the player’s experience and the operator’s revenue. She expressed confidence in Enteractive’s ability to assist Stake.com in achieving their desired results.

Jarrod Febbraio, director of commercial at Stake.com, also expressed optimism about the partnership, praising Enteractive’s specialized approach in re-engaging distinct player segments. He highlighted the effectiveness of the one-to-one approach in revitalizing non-funded and dormant player accounts, ultimately maximizing the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) and increasing bottom-line revenues for Stake.com.

This collaboration with Enteractive comes shortly after Stake.com’s partnership with Racing and Sports (RAS) Technology Holdings to enhance their horse racing offering. As the online gambling operator continues to expand its network of industry-leading partners, it is clear that Stake.com is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience for its players while maximizing its financial performance.