Game Design Director Sued by Aristocrat for Legal Claim

A recent report has revealed that an Aristocrat employee is facing legal action after allegedly downloading over 6,800 files from the company’s services. The leading gaming operator has filed a lawsuit against game designer Dinh Toan Tran over the alleged incident, which dates back to December.

Aristocrat is seeking to recover the files that Tran is accused of downloading. In a court hearing, the company secured a search order from the Federal Court, resulting in the seizure of electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and external storage devices from a property where Tran allegedly resided.

Tran has been ordered by the Court to provide login details and disclose his whereabouts, as well as to refrain from deleting or discarding any documents, files, or other intellectual property belonging to the company. Experts are currently analyzing the information uncovered on the seized devices, which were confiscated during a search at a property in western Sydney.

Ken Brotherson, the lawyer representing Tran, confirmed that his client was not present during the execution of the search warrants. Federal Court Justice Yaseen Shariff noted that Aristocrat had the right to determine the validity of its suspicion regarding the downloaded files, stating, “It seems to me everything has been done extremely professionally.”

The nature of the downloaded files and whether Tran indeed obtained any company files is yet to be confirmed. John Hennessy SC, Aristocrat’s barrister, informed the court that a specific USB storage device is “the focus of the investigation,” and analysis of the files obtained during the searches is ongoing.

The legal action comes on the heels of Aristocrat’s announcement in December of the launch of its 3rd NFL-themed game, Overtime Cash, which further expanded the company’s portfolio of games for fans of the sport. This development raises questions about the potential impact of the alleged file downloads on Aristocrat’s intellectual property and future game development.