Grand Opening of Inspire Casino at Mohegan Inspire in Incheon Set for February 3

Mohegan, a prominent player in the gaming and entertainment industry, has announced that the Inspire Casino at the Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon, South Korea, will officially open its doors to the public on February 3, 2024, at 8:08 AM. The expansive casino resort, situated adjacent to the Incheon International Airport, is poised to become one of the largest resorts in Northeast Asia once all of its amenities are fully operational.

The resort had previously commenced its operations on November 30, 2023, and had begun welcoming hotel guests. Additionally, a number of restaurants and the Inspire Arena, a premium entertainment venue offering unique experiences, were opened. As part of its phased approach, the resort is now set to open its casino floor to visitors.

Inspire Casino is set to offer visitors access to 390 slot machines and more than 150 gaming tables, spread across two levels. The casino will also feature electronic table games with approximately 160 seats, promising a wide array of unique experiences with the latest and most popular games.

Chen Xi, the president of Mohegan Inspire, expressed his excitement about the opening of the foreigner-only casino, following approval from the country’s gambling regulator. He highlighted the extensive efforts put into the development of the entertainment resort over the past seven years, and emphasized the diverse attractions it offers, from the Inspire Arena to the Northern Lights digital show and the luxurious accommodations.

Xi also spoke about the growing number of guests who have already enjoyed the offerings at the Inspire Arena, and reiterated the resort’s commitment to providing unique experiences through its casino amenities and exciting events.

The strategic location of the Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort is expected to attract a significant influx of visitors from across Asia, with its proximity to the Incheon International Airport providing a convenient option for guests from various locations, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Osaka, all just a short four-hour flight away. This positions the resort as an attractive destination for entertainment, gaming, and leisure for both domestic and international visitors alike.