Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming Renew Their Pledge to Fight Against Human Trafficking

In an effort to combat human trafficking, Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming have announced a series of new initiatives aimed at providing support to victims and at-risk individuals, as well as increasing awareness and prevention of human trafficking. This commitment is part of the companies’ ongoing efforts to address the issue of human trafficking and its impact on communities.

One of the key initiatives for 2024 is the introduction of the Twentyfour-Seven QR Code, which will be implemented across 44 hotels and casinos in 13 countries. The QR code will provide information and support to those in need, while also serving as a deterrent to traffickers who may target individuals on member properties. This initiative makes Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming the first hospitality brands to globally implement the Twentyfour-Seven sticker.

Additionally, the companies will expand their youth education programs, with a focus on classrooms in Mexico. Students will be taught to recognize the red flags of human trafficking and avoid online luring, with the content developed in collaboration with experts from PACT-, ECPAT-Mexico, and EduNetwork Partners.

The Hard Rock Social Identity Quest, which has already been adopted and taught by 60,000 teachers in 45 US states, will continue to reach high school students, with the goal of educating 1.2 million students. Furthermore, the companies will continue their Change for Change program, allowing visitors to donate change to the Hard Rock Heals Foundation, with all funds benefiting PACT and Twentyfour-Seven.

The Youth Employment Program, aimed at helping young people in vulnerable situations escape a life of trafficking by providing career opportunities in hospitality, will also continue with the support of partners such as Covenant House New York City and FLITE Center.

In addition to these initiatives, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming are committed to setting a new standard for training in the gaming industry. They will partner with the American Gaming Association’s Anti-Human Trafficking Risk Force to provide employees with the necessary training to recognize signs of trafficking and intervene when necessary.

Overall, these initiatives demonstrate Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming’s commitment to combatting human trafficking and supporting victims and at-risk individuals, as well as raising awareness and prevention efforts within their communities. CEO Jim Allen expressed the companies’ dedication to this work and their collaboration with community partners in addressing human trafficking.