Increase in Wagering on Women’s Sports Revealed in YouGov Study

A recent survey conducted by YouGov, an international online research data and analytics technology group, has uncovered a growing interest in women’s sports among both male and female bettors. The study, funded by sports data and analytics company StatsPerform and Women’s Sports Group, aimed to provide insight into the betting habits and preferences of bettors, particularly in relation to women’s sports.

One of the key findings of the survey was the desire for more opportunities to bet on women’s sports, particularly in the UK. Over 60% of female bettors and 46% of male bettors expressed a desire for more betting options on women’s soccer. The survey, which collected responses from 2,500 male and 2,500 female bettors in August 2023, also found that 60% of both male and female sports bettors who placed wagers at least once a month were actively watching or following women’s sports.

Additionally, the survey found that 81% of male bettors and 96% of female bettors who watched women’s sports were also interested in men’s sports, indicating a broad interest in sports betting across genders. Furthermore, 90% of both male and female bettors expressed a desire to watch women’s sports in the upcoming year.

Women’s soccer emerged as a particularly popular sport among both male and female sports bettors, ranking among the top four sports watched. However, there was a noted discrepancy in betting behaviors, with a significantly higher percentage of bettors wagering on men’s soccer compared to women’s soccer. This trend was also observed in other sports such as tennis, cricket, rugby, and boxing.

When asked about their reasons for not betting on women’s soccer, 38% of male sports bettors cited a lack of consideration, while 34% attributed their reluctance to a lack of knowledge about the sport. The survey also found that two-thirds of female bettors actively interested in women’s sports are 45 or younger.

These findings shed light on the evolving landscape of sports betting and the increasing interest in women’s sports among both male and female bettors. With the demand for more betting options on women’s sports and the popularity of women’s soccer, the industry may see a shift in focus towards providing a wider range of betting opportunities in the coming years.