Iowa Woman Arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Spitting at Bettendorf Casino

Missy Smith, a 31-year-old woman from East Moline, found herself in custody after an incident at the Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf on Sunday afternoon. Smith is facing charges of assault on persons in certain occupations, as well as additional charges related to the possession of a controlled substance.

The commotion began when casino security called for law enforcement assistance at 2:45 p.m. due to Smith’s refusal to leave her hotel room. Upon entering the room, officers noticed the strong smell of burnt marijuana and found marijuana, a grinder, and a smoking device in plain view.

As the situation unfolded, Smith encountered hotel security in the hallway while Bettendorf Fire Department EMTs tried to assess her condition. Witnesses reported that she became aggressive, verbally threatening and physically assaulting the emergency medical staff.

According to law enforcement documents, Smith was placed on a medical stretcher for transportation to the hospital and proceeded to kick a paramedic multiple times. Shockingly, she then spat forcefully into the eye of a police officer.

To manage her aggressive behavior, officers used a law enforcement restraining tool called “The Wrap” and fitted Smith with a spit hood. Despite these measures, she allegedly continued to forcibly spit on the paramedic while inside the ambulance.

In addition to the assault charges, Smith also faces a misdemeanor charge for the possession of a controlled substance, marijuana. She is currently held at the Scott County Jail, with bail set at $5,300, and a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 11 in Scott County Court.

Authorities have not disclosed whether Smith suffered from any medical conditions that may have contributed to her erratic behavior, leaving the motive behind her actions unclear. The casino and law enforcement agencies are continuing to investigate the incident.

In other news, a 48-year-old man identified as L.L.B. has been sentenced to 24 to 60 months in prison for his involvement in a casino bar fight at the former Hard Rock Casino in Stateline, Nevada. The altercation resulted in injuries to an unnamed woman, including a fractured upper jaw and the loss of two teeth. The incident occurred in November 2021, with details about the cause of the dispute and any injuries sustained by the attacker remaining undisclosed.