Kambi CEO Kristian Nylén Announces Departure from Company

Kambi Group, a leading provider of business-to-business services and solutions for betting operators worldwide, has announced a change in its senior leadership. Co-founder and CEO Kristian Nylén has confirmed his intention to step down from his role. Nylén co-founded Kambi with Anders Ström in 2010 and has been crucial in navigating the company through various challenges and achieving significant milestones in the sports betting industry.

In addition to Nylén’s decision to step down, Kambi’s Nomination Committee has proposed his election to the Board during the 2024 Annual General Meeting. Anders Ström, the chair of the Board, praised Nylén’s dedication and commitment, highlighting his instrumental role in positioning Kambi as a leader in the sector. Ström expressed delight at the prospect of Nylén joining the Board, where his industry knowledge will continue to benefit the company.

Nylén, in response to the announcement, explained that the decision to leave his role at Kambi was a difficult one and cited a desire to spend more time with his family as a reason behind this choice. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to join the company’s Board, emphasizing his commitment to supporting Kambi’s growth and focusing on the strategic aspects of the business in his new role.

Looking ahead, Kambi will initiate the search for a new CEO to succeed Nylén and will provide updates as the process unfolds. The company remains confident in its ability to continue thriving and delivering value to its shareholders. Nylén’s transition to the Board signifies his ongoing dedication to the company and its future success.