Las Vegas Defendant’s Violent Attack Leaves Judge Injured and Marshal Hospitalized

Deobra Delone Redden, a 30-year-old man, showed complete disregard for the legal system when he assaulted the judge who denied him bail during his sentencing. This shocking incident took place in Las Vegas as Redden was being sentenced for a previous assault where he had used a baseball bat to cause substantial injuries to another person. In November, he had pleaded guilty to this violent crime.

During his sentencing, Redden expressed his disbelief that his actions warranted a prison sentence. However, he quickly changed his tune when Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus handed down a sentence without probation. Redden erupted, shouting obscenities, and physically charged the judge, leaping across her desk.

Holthus attempted to evade Redden, but he managed to assault her, punching her several times while she was on the ground. Other courtroom personnel, including a marshal and a law clerk, intervened to help Holthus, but in the process, the marshal sustained injuries that required hospitalization.

Subsequently, the Las Vegas District Court addressed the matter, commending those who assisted Holthus and assisted in apprehending Redden. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson condemned Redden’s violent behavior and assured that there will be consequences for his actions.

Redden was taken into custody and now faces additional charges for his attacks on the judge and the marshal. He is accused of battery and battery of a protected person. This is not Redden’s first offense, as he has a history of violent behavior, having previously served a sentence in Nevada for domestic battery.

The incident exemplifies the challenges faced by judges and court personnel in dealing with volatile individuals like Redden. The consequences of his actions are severe, and they serve as a reminder that assaulting a judge or any other person in a courtroom carries significant legal ramifications.