Light & Wonder Secures Exclusive US Content Deal with 1X2 Network

Light & Wonder, Inc. has recently revealed a major exclusive aggregation deal with 1X2 Network, marking an important move for the latter to roll out its content for the US public. The deal will see 1X2 Network’s games make their debut in Michigan, marking the company’s entry into the vibrant US market, thanks to their partnership with Light & Wonder’s premium aggregation platform.

The agreement with 1X2 Network is just one of many studio deals signed by Light & Wonder, showcasing the strength of its leading platform and distribution network in the American market. The company continues to deliver dynamic and immersive content to industry leaders.

1X2 Network, known for its versatile content including crash games, slots, instant win games, and virtual sports, is preparing to launch in the US. The company’s decision to enter the US market follows a successful European alliance, demonstrating the strength and potential of their collaboration.

Kevin Reid, CEO of 1X2 Network, expressed excitement for the exclusive aggregation partnership with Light & Wonder, highlighting the opportunity to extend their reach and leverage their strong platform for wider distribution. Reid also mentioned that while their work will initially be focused in Michigan, they are already making progress in other states.

Steve Mayes, Light & Wonder’s digital partnerships director, praised 1X2 Network’s long history of producing innovative and popular content. Mayes expressed excitement at the prospect of introducing 1X2 Network’s games to players in the US, expecting them to be as receptive as players in the European markets.

Light & Wonder, known for creating iconic titles across all platforms and channels, is focused on turning games into expansive entertainment and thrilling players. The company recently appointed Michael Marchetti to the board of directors in January and expanded their deal with ReelPlay last October.

Overall, the exclusive aggregation deal between Light & Wonder and 1X2 Network signifies a significant move for both companies, as they prepare to capitalize on the US market and deliver engaging gaming content to a new audience.