Lottery Winner’s Ex-Boyfriend Fatally Shot in Edinburgh in Tragic Turn of Events

38-year-old Marc Webley, a notorious figure in Edinburgh’s gangland scene, was tragically shot dead outside the Anchor Inn in Granton, Edinburgh, UK. Webley, known for his tumultuous relationship with Jane Parks, the UK’s youngest EuroMillions winner, met a violent end in what authorities believe to be a targeted attack.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing gunshots in the area, initially mistaking them for fireworks. Police responded to the scene and discovered Webley lifeless, with another man, 39, in serious but stable condition. Webley has a history marred by an 11-year prison sentence for the attempted murder of a rival gang member in 2005, as well as being acquitted of two attempted murders last year. The shooting on New Year’s Eve adds another chapter to his troubled past.

Jane Parks, who had won £1 million ($1.3 million) in the EuroMillions lottery at the age of 17, expressed her grief on social media. Parks and Webley had an on-and-off relationship for about a year, with Parks sharing heartfelt sentiments about the time they spent together.

Parks, now 28, had distanced herself from Webley, evident from her social media posts in December hinting at a breakup. Despite their differences, the tragic news deeply affected Parks, leaving her devastated.

Authorities confirmed road closures around the Anchor Inn, and investigations are ongoing to establish the full circumstances of the altercation. Locals described the chaotic scene just before the bells, as emergency services rushed to the area.

Webley’s death took a sinister turn as reports surfaced of his involvement in gang violence. Prior to the incident, he posted provocative videos on social media, seemingly challenging his adversaries to confront him at the Anchor Inn.

In other news, a 45-year-old man, identified as J.L., was arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly firing a handgun from an MGM Signature Towers balcony near the Strip. The incident, described as an “isolated” event, occurred in the early morning hours on December 31. Although no injuries were reported, the suspect faces 74 criminal charges, including discharging a weapon in a prohibited area. Due to medical reasons, the alleged shooter did not appear in court on Monday.