Malta Gaming Authority Takes Away Super7plus Limited’s Authorization

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently made an important decision to revoke the authorization of Super7plus Limited, effectively shutting down their gaming operations starting from January 17, 2024. This move aligns with other recent actions taken by the MGA, as they have also revoked licenses from three other operators in January. The MGA is widely recognized as a preferred regulator for gambling companies worldwide, and their commitment to enforcing regulations is seen as a positive sign for the industry.

The cancellation of Super7plus Limited’s authorization follows the standard procedure outlined in the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations. The company is required to immediately cease all gaming operations and stop registering new players. Existing players must still have access to their accounts to withdraw their balances, providing a level of consumer protection. Additionally, the company is obligated to settle all fees owed to the MGA within five days.

Furthermore, Super7plus must submit a transaction report and bank statements to ensure that all player funds are returned within seven days of the cancellation. This measure aims to prevent any negative impact on customers. The company is also required to remove any mention of the Authority and the authorization, ensuring that consumers are not misled and distancing the MGA from any future actions by the operator.

Super7plus, which focused on the German sports betting market and claimed to offer an innovative gaming system, now faces severe limitations due to its failure to comply with the MGA’s rules. While the company has the right to appeal, historical data suggests that such efforts are rarely successful.

The MGA’s recent cancellation of licenses for Genesis Global, Betago, and Rush Gaming demonstrates their proactive stance on maintaining integrity and compliance within the gaming industry. Their regular compliance checks solidify their position as a premier gambling authority worldwide.