Marina Bay Sands Announces $750 Million Investment in Second Phase of Hotel Renovation

Marina Bay Sands Invests $750M in Phase Two of Redevelopment

Marina Bay Sands, a premier business, entertainment, and leisure destination, has announced the launch of the second phase of its reinvestment program. This phase represents a $750 million reinvestment and will focus on transforming Tower 3 of the integrated resort. The goal is to ensure that Marina Bay Sands remains a unique and exhilarating experience for both local and international visitors, while also enhancing the tourism appeal of Singapore for years to come.

The parent company of the resort, Las Vegas Sands, is committed to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences through this significant reinvestment. The $750 million investment also demonstrates the company’s dedication to supporting the hospitality sector, the people, and the economy of Singapore. This phase follows the initial $1 billion reinvestment that was confirmed in February 2022.

According to Paul Town, the chief operating officer of Marina Bay Sands, this phase of redevelopment is an exciting moment for the integrated resort. The reinvestment aims to make Singapore even more appealing to tourists, offering new and enhanced luxury travel experiences. Town expressed anticipation for visitors to enjoy the new and improved offerings once the redevelopment is complete.

The massive redevelopment is expected to conclude in 2025. During the first phase, 1,280 rooms were upgraded, and now, more than 550 rooms are set to be redesigned in the new phase. Additionally, Marina Bay Sands will enhance its retail and dining outlets, overhaul the lobby of Tower 3, and introduce new amenities for guests, including a “reimagined VIP arrival experience.”

Once the redevelopment is complete, the resort will offer 1,850 refurbished luxury hotel rooms and supreme amenities, ensuring exceptional experiences for guests in the years to come. Paul Town expressed his excitement about how this redevelopment will strengthen Singapore’s appeal as a leading tourism destination.

In conclusion, the second phase of Marina Bay Sands’ reinvestment program is set to further elevate the integrated resort’s status as a world-class destination, offering unparalleled experiences for visitors from around the globe.