New Angel Investment Company Founded by Dmitry Belianin

With nearly twenty years of experience in the betting industry, Dmitry Belianin, a seasoned marketing strategist, has announced the establishment of his own angel investment company focused on disrupting the iGaming vertical. Belianin, a former PMI executive, shared the news of his new venture via his personal LinkedIn page on Monday.

Named after him, the Belianin angel investment company will center its investments and development efforts on businesses related to affiliation, marketing, and technology within the gambling industry. Belianin emphasized that his company is not just a fund, but rather a hands-on approach to guide high-potential projects in the industry.

Belianin expressed his main focus on investing in and building businesses in marketing, affiliation, and technology, emphasizing the need for disruption in the industry. He expressed his desire to help bring about this change and stated his commitment to being actively involved in realizing this vision.

Acknowledging the significant opportunities in the global gambling industry, Belianin highlighted his mission to develop the next generation of leaders and projects in iGaming through his investment company. He emphasized his excitement to be part of this innovative process, aligning the spirit of the angel investment company with his own personality of innovation and rebellion.

Having spent nearly five years at PMI, Belianin held various senior-level roles, including chief marketing officer for the African region and later as chief commercial officer overseeing PMI’s Asia, Africa, and Latin American operations. With the foundation of his angel investment company, Belianin aims to continue contributing to the growth and disruption of the iGaming industry.

He expressed his commitment to disclosing further details regarding the projects that will be built or invested in by his company in the near future. This new venture marks a significant step for Belianin as he continues to make an impact in the gambling industry.