Paddy Power Completes The Big 180 Campaign, Gives $1.3M to Prostate Cancer UK

The Paddy Power World Darts Championship has come to a close, marking the end of Paddy Power’s The Big 180 campaign. Paddy Power, a gambling operator, had pledged to donate £1000 for every 180 scored during the event. Although the players did not reach the £1 million target, Paddy Power decided to make up the difference and donate the full amount.

The championship concluded with Luke Humphries emerging victorious over the teenage sensation Luke Littler in an intense game. Throughout the tournament, a total of 914 180s were scored, leading Paddy Power to donate £914,000 to Prostate Cancer UK, exceeding their previous donation of £901,000.

In a statement, Paddy Power announced that they have rounded up the donation to a million pounds, expressing their enthusiasm for the World Darts Championship and commending the players for surpassing last year’s 180s. They also lauded Luke Humphries for his victory and awarded him with the inaugural giant Ballon d’Art trophy for his outstanding performance.

As the player with the most 180s in the tournament, scoring a total of 73, Paddy Power congratulated Humphries and recognized Luke Littler as an “emerging star of the future.”

Paddy Power emphasized that it is not too late for fans to contribute to The Big 180 campaign and encouraged them to utilize Prostate Cancer UK’s risk checker or share it with their male friends and relatives.

In the midst of a thrilling championship, Paddy Power’s generous donation to Prostate Cancer UK stands as a testament to the incredible support for a worthy cause within the world of darts.