Peter Kula Named VP of Global Strategy at SCCG

SCCG Management, a Vegas-based gambling advisory firm, has announced the appointment of Peter Kula as the vice president of global strategy. This comes shortly after Mark Stebbings was appointed as chair of the SCCG Global Advisory Board. The company expressed confidence in Kula’s abilities, citing his impressive track record in the gaming industry.

Kula’s role will involve developing and enhancing strategies in key areas such as sales, marketing, client success, product market analysis, and business development strategy. SCCG Management emphasized that Kula’s expertise will be crucial in acquiring new business and fostering strong client relationships. Additionally, he will serve as a vital connector for the firm’s clients and seek to establish meaningful collaborations.

With previous positions at Caesars, Amazon, and Sightline Payments, Kula brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to SCCG Management. In a statement, Kula expressed his excitement about joining the company and his intention to showcase its expertise and success to partners.

Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, Stephen Crystal, welcomed Kula to the team, highlighting his career in business development and strategic partnerships. Crystal expressed confidence that Kula’s expertise will propel the company to new levels of success.

Overall, the appointment of Peter Kula as vice president of global strategy at SCCG Management reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the gaming industry. Crystal and the team are optimistic that Kula’s contribution will contribute significantly to the firm’s continued success.