PokerStars’ Moya Wilson Takes on Role as Director at ACE Hollreiser

Moya Wilson, a marketing professional with over 7 years at PokerStars, has taken on a new role as director at ACE Hollreiser, a business consultancy based on the Isle of Man. Wilson’s transition to the consultancy signals an exciting new chapter in her career, as she looks to bring her expertise and successful track record to her new position.

Prior to her time at PokerStars, Wilson had accumulated over 25 years of marketing experience across various industries, including a role as a senior account manager at Ashgrove Marketing. Her tenure at PokerStars began in December 2016, where she initially served as senior manager of consumer public relations before being promoted to Head of PR and Consumer Engagement in November 2022. During her time at PokerStars, Wilson played a key role in strategic initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity within the gaming community, such as the 2023 Women Bootcamp.

Wilson expressed her excitement about her new role at ACE Hollreiser, emphasizing her gratitude for her time at PokerStars and her optimism for the future. While Wilson’s departure creates a loss for PokerStars, the company has continued to make strides in its customer engagement efforts, such as its recent partnership with Play’n GO to provide an NHL-themed gaming experience.

Her move to ACE Hollreiser marks a significant professional development for Wilson, who brings a wealth of experience and successful initiatives to the consultancy firm. The exchange of talent between companies like PokerStars and ACE Hollreiser is crucial for their ability to adapt and excel in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape. With Wilson’s expertise, ACE Hollreiser is likely to benefit from her insights and knowledge as they navigate their own business challenges.