President Joe Biden Speaks Out Against Hidden Junk Fees During Las Vegas Visit

President Joe Biden is taking aim at hidden fees in the hotel and resort industry, which are often referred to as “junk fees.” These fees, which are not disclosed until the last moment, can significantly increase the cost of accommodations for travelers, particularly in popular tourist destinations like Las Vegas.

During a recent visit to Las Vegas, President Biden expressed his frustration with these hidden fees on social media. He announced his plans to take action to eliminate these fees, which he believes are used to “rip off” consumers. The president emphasized the impact of these fees on hard-working families, stating that they take hundreds of dollars out of their pockets every month and make it harder to make ends meet.

This is not the first time President Biden has spoken out against junk fees. In September, he vowed to crack down on these deceptive pricing practices, pledging to ensure that consumers know what they are paying for upfront. Additionally, three lawsuits filed in Atlantic City alleged that six casinos engaged in anticompetitive actions, inflating hotel room rates in the city.

President Biden’s efforts to eliminate junk fees could have a significant impact on the travel industry, particularly for American families planning their vacations. Though the specific details of how these fees will be eliminated have not yet been confirmed, the president’s commitment to addressing this issue signals a potential shift in the way accommodations are priced and disclosed to consumers.