Public Safety at Risk as Criminal Cases Increase in Atlantic City

Casino Resorts in the US Bolster Security with CCTV and AI-Powered Solutions

Security is a top priority for casino resorts across the United States, with millions of dollars being invested in CCTV, in-person security, and AI-powered solutions. However, despite these efforts, popular gambling hubs like Atlantic City still face challenges in ensuring the safety of their visitors and residents.

Annually, Atlantic City attracts around 27 million visitors, with the iconic Boardwalk serving as the central link between various hotels, casinos, and other amenities. Currently, the city boasts around 3,000 security cameras aimed at enhancing public safety and aiding in solving crimes. However, recent events have shown that the presence of cameras does not always deter criminals.

In a recent report by the Press of Atlantic City, two violent crimes occurred in close proximity to the city’s Boardwalk, resulting in the deaths of two individuals. Despite the presence of numerous surveillance cameras, the incidents highlight the ongoing challenges in maintaining public safety in the area.

One of the incidents involved a man who was found bleeding near the beach and later succumbed to his injuries. Minutes later, another individual, a 22-year-old male, was discovered with multiple stab wounds and pronounced dead upon the arrival of law enforcement. Both cases remain unsolved, with authorities yet to make any arrests or identify potential suspects.

The incidents have reignited discussions about the need for additional security measures in Atlantic City. James A. Sarkos, the Chief of the Atlantic City Police Department, expressed support for the installation of approximately 1,000 new digital cameras to supplement the existing 3,000 cameras already in place. Sarkos emphasized the importance of these cameras in enhancing public safety and referred to them as a “force multiplier” that would make Atlantic City safer for everyone.

By expanding the city’s surveillance capabilities, law enforcement officials hope to expedite the process of solving crimes and provide a deterrent to potential offenders. The installation of additional cameras is seen as a significant investment in public safety, with the potential to aid in faster identification of culprits and prevent future criminal activities.