Rivalry Prepares for Strategic Expansion After Impressive Online Casino Performance

In a recent press release, Rivalry has announced its plans to redefine the future of online betting for the digitally native generation. The company has undergone significant transformation in 2023, expanding into new verticals and seeking new opportunities for growth and value.

One of Rivalry’s key successes in 2023 was its expansion into various product segments, moving beyond its esports origins. The platform now encompasses traditional sports, casinos, and fantasy gaming, aiming to engage the Gen Z demographic and unlock substantial value. This expansion has resulted in a 70% increase in revenue, reaching $29.2 million. Despite a decrease in marketing spending, the company has continued to excel in its marketing efforts, expanding its creator network with over 100 brand partners and a total of over 90 million followers.

Steven Salz, Rivalry Corp.’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the company’s role as a proven onramp to interactive and entertaining experiences, catering to both customers and brand partners. Rivalry positions itself as a generational brand in online gambling, reflecting technological cycles and serving emerging customers with an entertaining and culturally relevant product suite.

Looking ahead to 2024, Rivalry aims to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities, particularly in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector. The company’s custom-built platform, Casino.exe, has seen success in engaging the under-30 demographic, and licensing opportunities are expected to create new revenue streams and improve brand recognition.

Rivalry’s objectives for 2024 focus on strategic investments and measured growth, balancing profitability with continued expansion. The company plans to invest further in traditional sports segments and prioritize operational excellence to maintain its position as a frontrunner in online gambling.

Overall, Rivalry’s vision for the future is centered on capturing the next generation’s customer journey and pioneering the future of online betting with its unique approach in a competitive landscape.