Roblox Denies Knowledge of Facilitating Child Gambling

Roblox is currently facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that it facilitates child gambling through its in-game currency, Robux. The lawsuit was filed by Rachel Colvin and Danielle Sass, who claim that their children have used Robux to gamble on third-party casino websites, resulting in financial loss. The plaintiffs also accuse Roblox of profiting from these gambling activities by charging a 30% fee when funds are converted into dollars.

US District Judge Vince Chhabria has expressed concerns about Roblox’s alleged involvement with third-party casino companies. While he agrees that the company may be knowingly exchanging cash for Robux with these websites, he believes that further evidence is needed to involve Roblox in a RICO enterprise claim.

Roblox’s attorney, Tiana Demas, has argued that the plaintiffs have failed to prove many of their claims, including the company’s awareness of the gambling transactions. However, Chhabria pointed out that the casino websites’ names – RBX Flip, Box Flip, and RBLX Wild – raise doubts about Roblox’s awareness of these activities. Demas countered by stating that Roblox does not control independent developers and that its actions have been consistent with its usual business conduct.

Despite the arguments, Chhabria believes that Roblox should be held accountable for the losses suffered by children through Robux gambling. He insists that the company should be able to prevent such cases, even though the plaintiffs do not fully meet the requirement to argue about that.

The ruling on this case is expected to be issued soon, as both parties continue to present their arguments in court. Roblox and its representatives are working to dismiss the class action lawsuit, while the plaintiffs are seeking accountability for the alleged facilitation of child gambling by the gaming company.