Saturday Powerball Drawing Boasts $120 Million Jackpot

The New Year began on an incredibly high note for one lucky lottery player in Michigan. The first Powerball drawing of the year resulted in a massive win of $842.4 million, making it the fifth-largest prize in Powerball history. While the winner has not yet been identified, the cash value of the jackpot was an impressive $425.2 million.

As the weeks passed, the Powerball jackpot continued to grow. The most recent drawing, which took place on a Wednesday, saw no correct guesses for all the winning numbers. This led to an estimated jackpot of $120 million for the upcoming drawing scheduled for Saturday, January 20, 2024. The cash option for the estimated $120 million jackpot is approximately $59.4 million.

In addition to the growing Powerball jackpot, the Mega Millions game has also seen an increase in its grand prize. Following a drawing on Tuesday where no one guessed all the winning numbers, the estimated Mega Millions jackpot soared to $236 million, with a cash option of $113.6 million. The upcoming drawing for Mega Millions is scheduled for Friday, January 19, 2024.

The Wednesday Powerball drawing resulted in a single player correctly guessing all the white balls, winning a $2 million Power Play prize. Additionally, five players won a $50,000 prize each for guessing four white balls along with the red Powerball, while 160 players secured a $160 prize for guessing four white balls. There were also 47 winners of a $400 Power Play prize.

The majority of winners in the Powerball drawing took home the lowest-tier prize of $4, with a staggering 168,133 players correctly guessing the red Powerball and 67,703 players guessing one white ball and the red Powerball, earning them each a $4 prize. Nearly 87,000 players also collected a $16 Power Play prize from the latest drawing.

Overall, the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots continue to attract players with the potential for life-changing winnings, adding excitement and anticipation to the upcoming lottery drawings.