Sean Perry’s $1.1M Super Bowl Bet on the 49ers Ends in Massive Loss

Professional poker player turned sports bettor Sean Perry made headlines last week after placing a massive $1.1 million bet on the Super Bowl. He backed the San Francisco 49ers to win, hoping for a $1 million profit if his wager was correct. However, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious with a score of 25-22, resulting in a $1.1 million loss for Perry.

Despite the substantial loss, Perry took to social media to express his appreciation for the supportive gambling community and reassured his fans that he would be fine. He emphasized that losing is a part of gambling and highlighted his previous successes, stating that he had accumulated $4 million in winnings from sports wagers in the last month.

Perry, who has transitioned from poker to sports betting, acknowledged the unpredictable nature of gambling, emphasizing that there are no guarantees when it comes to betting. He also revealed that he offers various packages for sports bettors that include picks.

Throughout his career, Perry has earned over $6.8 million, according to data from the Hendon Mob. Despite the significant loss on the Super Bowl bet, he remains committed to placing wagers and staying focused to ensure a successful year in sports betting.