Social Betting Startup Dabble Sets Sights on US Growth

Australian social betting platform, Dabble, is setting its sights on expansion in the US following its successful entry into the American market. Founded in 2020, Dabble offers a range of socially-driven betting experiences, allowing users to follow others, chat with friends and fellow bettors, comment on betting activity, and even replicate others’ bets. The platform emulates the features that have made social media platforms so popular, providing users with a unique and interactive betting experience.

In October 2023, Dabble expanded into the US, offering daily fantasy sports in place of traditional sports betting. Despite this shift, the platform continues to provide the social features that have contributed to its popularity in Australia.

The United States has always been a target market for Dabble, which is currently available in 20 states and has amassed over 450,000 registered users. The platform ranks among the top 10 sports apps on the US App Store, directly competing with major names in the sports betting and fantasy sports industry.

Looking to surpass 1 million registered accounts by June 2024, Dabble is doubling down on its US expansion efforts. The platform plans to introduce new games and game modes, including free-to-play, peer-to-peer, and sweepstakes options. Additionally, Dabble aims to expand its sports lineup to attract a wider audience of sports fans.

Currently, Dabble offers fantasy sports for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, and basketball. The platform also intends to acquire daily fantasy sports licenses in 5-10 additional states, as well as explore the possibility of obtaining sports betting licenses in certain states, although it acknowledges the associated costs.

Furthermore, Dabble plans to diversify its payment options and enhance its social features. These strategic initiatives demonstrate Dabble’s commitment to establishing a strong presence and offering a comprehensive experience for users in the competitive US market.

Overall, Dabble’s expansion plans in the US signal its ambition to solidify its position in the American market and provide an engaging platform for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.