Star Entertainment Implements New Rules to Address Problem Gambling

Star Entertainment Implements Strict New Gambling Regulations to Address Addiction Concerns

Amid growing scrutiny and public outcry over gambling addiction, Star Entertainment has introduced a comprehensive set of stringent regulations aimed at tackling excessive gambling habits among its patrons.

The new measures, which were briefed to members of The Star Club, include mandatory breaks for individuals engaged in poker machines or electronic gaming machines. Under the revamped PlayBreak initiative, players are required to take a minimum 15-minute break every three hours to minimize the risks associated with prolonged gambling sessions.

In addition to mandatory breaks, the use of swipe cards will be closely monitored to ensure that individuals do not exceed 28 hours of gambling within a seven-day period. Those found in violation of this limit may face exclusion from the premises for a duration of seven days. Similar regulations apply to patrons engaged in table games, with recommended breaks and time restrictions in place to promote responsible gambling practices.

These new regulations signal a departure from the company’s previous approach of merely recommending breaks to players. By empowering staff to take direct action, Star Entertainment aims to more effectively enforce responsible gambling practices.

Under the revised policies, individuals who are excluded from the casino three times within a six-month period – whether for a 24-hour or 7-day period – may face a year-long exclusion from the premises.

While the specifics of the remediation plan are yet to be disclosed, it is anticipated that these measures align with the requirements outlined by the Queensland and NSW governments. Star Entertainment is expected to unveil further details regarding its comprehensive plan, comprising approximately 100 initiatives, in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson for Star emphasized the company’s commitment to restoring its suitability and accountability through a multi-year program. This announcement follows the recent completion of a $100 million penalty payment to the Queensland government and ongoing legal proceedings with Australia’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing agency.

Additionally, Star Entertainment faces a critical six-month period to prove its ability to independently manage its operations in New South Wales, as the NSW regulator remains unsatisfied with its current oversight. The company’s license was suspended in 2022 due to regulatory failings, and it now must demonstrate significant progress in implementing remediation measures to avoid losing its license permanently.