Survey Shows Macau Gaming Service Index Reaches Record High in 2023

A recent study conducted by the Macau Gaming Research Association (MGRA) has revealed that the overall Gaming Service Index (GSI) across Macau for 2023 has hit a new record. The survey, released by IAG, uncovered important insights about the positive changes within the gambling sector in Macau.

Over the past decade, there has been a rising trend in Macau’s GSI, culminating in the latest record-breaking result. In 2013, the GSI started from a base of 100 points, and ten years later, for the fourth quarter of 2023, it was evaluated at 145 points. This marked the highest-ever GSI recorded and represented an increase of 7 points compared to the previous year.

The survey also examined the performance of gaming staff in Macau, focusing on three main categories: smile, proactivity, and tolerance. The results showed increases in all three categories compared to the previous year, with the smile index at 171, the proactivity index at 172, and the tolerance index at 103.

One interesting discovery from the study was the connection between the recorded indexes and the number of players participating in a table game. The results showed that as the number of players increased, the indexes for smile, proactivity, and tolerance also increased, indicating a correlation between the number of players and the performance of casino employees.

The data for the study was collected through mystery shopping surveys, with a dozen casinos in Macau being evaluated for the latest GSI index. The results highlight the ongoing efforts of casino operators in Macau to ensure exceptional entertainment and service for their guests.

The positive changes in Macau’s gambling sector and the record-breaking GSI for 2023 demonstrate the fierce competition among casino operators to provide the best possible experience for their customers. With amenities such as comfortable seating, the latest video slots, and a wide range of table games, Macau continues to solidify its position as a major gambling hub in the Asian region.