Suspected Wife Killer Captured at Las Vegas’ Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino

A murder suspect was apprehended at the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas after allegedly killing his wife in Pennsylvania. Arthur Guty Jr, 55, is accused of murdering his wife, Nicole Zambrano, who worked as a housekeeper at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Zambrano did not show up for work for three days, causing concern among her colleagues. When the police investigated, they found conflicting information from Guty and eventually discovered Zambrano’s body at their residence in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Using Guty’s mobile device pings, the police tracked him to Las Vegas where local authorities apprehended him at the casino. He was found with $100,000 in cash at the time of his arrest. Pennsylvania authorities are seeking to extradite Guty so he can be questioned about the homicide.

Authorities believe that Guty was attempting to escape, based on his possession of a large sum of money and the misinformation he provided about his wife’s whereabouts. According to local authorities, Guty provided conflicting stories about his wife’s location, ranging from being in Richmond to being at the Grand Canyon.

A neighbor of the couple, Bob Luick, revealed that Guty suspected Zambrano of cheating on him and had threatened to kill her if it turned out to be true. Furthermore, reports indicate that Guty himself was the target of a murder plot in the past, unrelated to Zambrano’s killing. His ex-wife, Roxanne Guty, had attempted to hire a hitman and take half of his life insurance, but eventually pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

The authorities in Pennsylvania want to question Guty about the alleged murder of his wife, with charges of criminal homicide and aggravated assault pending. As the investigation unfolds, the details surrounding the tragic events leading to Zambrano’s death continue to emerge.