Team Vitality and GG.BET agree to multi-year extension of partnership deal

GG.BET Renews Partnership with Team Vitality Through 2024

The global esports betting giant GG.BET has extended its partnership agreement with Team Vitality, an international esports club, through 2024. The renewed deal will see GG.BET continue to support the club’s Counter-Strike team.

The initial partnership between GG.BET and Team Vitality’s CS roster was established in 2022, and the two parties have been working together since then. Throughout their partnership, they have engaged in various activations, both online and in real life.

One of the notable activations involved GG.BET and Team Vitality promoting V.Hive, a mobile blockading application that has been downloaded by over 80,000 Team Vitality fans. Additionally, Team Vitality participated in GG.BET’s Match of LeGGends, an event where they competed against NAVI, another professional esports club, in front of an audience of over a million fans worldwide.

Team Vitality, currently ranked as the top CS team in the world, achieved its first major title at the BLAST Paris Major 2023.

GG.BET expressed its commitment to supporting Team Vitality and highlighted the success of their 2023 projects, which reached over 150 million fans on social media. The company stated that in 2024, they aim to take their strategic partnership with Team Vitality to new heights.

Team Vitality CEO Nicolas Maurer also expressed his satisfaction with extending the partnership, praising GG.BET as a leading esports company. He emphasized that the cooperation between the two organizations has been focused on creating unmatched experiences for esports fans. Maurer highlighted past successful events, such as the meet & greet event in Rio and the show match against NAVI, and expressed excitement for upcoming projects over the next two years.

GG.BET teased that they will continue to organize joint online initiatives with Team Vitality and plan to host large-scale real-life events for esports fans. With the renewed partnership, both parties are looking forward to collaborating on new and exciting projects to further elevate the CS community and engage with esports enthusiasts worldwide.