Thunderbirds Award-Winning Writer Falls Victim to £75K Theft by Carer

An ex-carer pleads guilty to theft from award-winning film writer due to gambling addiction

A former carer named Allan Beacham has recently pleaded guilty to one charge of theft after allegedly stealing over £75,000 ($95,500) from Alan Pattillo, a renowned film writer and director who was blind and immobile. The theft occurred between January 1, 2017, and June 1, 2019, before Pattillo’s passing in January 2020 at the age of 90.

Beacham, who was responsible for managing Pattillo’s expenses, abused his position and used the writer’s funds to fuel his gambling addiction. He requested over £30,000 from the writer’s lawyers under the pretense of settling various expenses, but it was revealed that he spent around £25,000 on lottery tickets.

The prosecutor, Thomas Evans, stated that Beacham developed an addiction to gambling and continually sought to offset his losses by stealing from the vulnerable pensioner under his care. The unaccounted funds of over £25,000 signified intentional abuse of his position, as Beacham failed to provide a consistent and adequate explanation for the discrepancy.

Beacham is scheduled to be sentenced in March at Winchester Crown Court in Hampshire. This case serves as a reminder of the devastating impact of gambling addiction, not only for the individuals suffering from it, but also for those around them who may become victims of their criminal activities. It is a tragic illustration of how addiction can lead to the exploitation of vulnerable people and the severe consequences it can have on the lives of both the addict and their victims.