Underdog Athletics Defies Odds and Backs GRIT Act Movement

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has criticized a proposed legislation that is currently under consideration, stating that it would negatively impact the competitiveness of the regulated gambling market and empower illegal gambling operators. Despite the opposition, Underdog Sports, a company in the gambling industry, has expressed support for the legislation, known as the GRIT Act.

Underdog Sports believes that the GRIT Act will help address the funding gap for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction. Adam Warrington, the VP of responsible gambling at Underdog Sports, stated that the act would utilize existing tax dollars paid by legal operators to support problem gambling prevention, research, and treatment. However, the response from other operators has been lukewarm, with many waiting for an official cue before taking a stance.

The AGA has cautioned against passing the GRIT Act without broader collaboration between lawmakers and authorities, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to the regulation of gambling. Despite the opposition, Underdog Sports’ support for the legislation has been seen as a refreshing perspective in the industry, sparking a debate on the issue.

While Underdog Sports remains a lone voice in its support for the GRIT Act, there is hope that more companies will speak up about their stance on the matter. The lack of adequate measures to address problem gambling has also caught the attention of lawmakers, such as Congresswoman Andreas Salinas, who have voiced their concerns about the current state of gambling regulation in the United States.

Overall, the debate surrounding the GRIT Act and the regulation of gambling in the United States is ongoing, with various stakeholders expressing differing opinions on the best approach to addressing problem gambling and ensuring a competitive and fair gambling market.