Vegas Felon Convicted and Charges in Sex Trafficking of a Minor

Las Vegas Man Charged with Kidnapping and Sex Trafficking of Underage Girl

A Las Vegas man, Corey Canton, is facing serious charges of kidnapping an underage girl and forcing her into prostitution. The girl managed to escape and reunite with her mother, who reported the incident to the police.

According to reports, on December 1, the police responded to a report from the girl’s mother, claiming that her daughter had been a victim of sex trafficking. It was revealed that the girl had run away from her family for unknown reasons while they were staying at a Las Vegas hotel.

The girl met another juvenile girl on the Las Vegas Strip who introduced her to Canton, her boyfriend. Canton allegedly forced the girl to engage in sexual acts and threatened her with a gun to prevent her from leaving. The two girls were also involved in theft and offering sex services to men on the Strip.

After managing to escape from the motel, the girl was reunited with her mother, who then contacted the police. Authorities raided Canton’s motel room and found the handgun mentioned by the girl. Canton, who was already a convicted felon, was not allowed to own a firearm and was taken into custody at his residence.

Canton is facing a total of seven charges, including sex trafficking of a minor, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping of a minor, and illegal possession of a firearm. He is currently held in jail on a $25,000 bail and is scheduled to appear before court on Monday.

The case highlights the serious issue of sex trafficking and the vulnerability of underage victims. Authorities are urging anyone with information about similar incidents to come forward and report it to the police. The girl’s bravery in escaping and providing details about her kidnapper has led to the arrest and charging of Canton.