Veikkaus in Finland Implements Stricter Identification Policies

Finland’s state-owned gambling monopoly, Veikkaus, has recently implemented new identification requirements for all its games. This move, announced in early November, follows the identification protocols introduced for coupon games earlier in 2023. The aim is to prevent harmed or excluded players from gambling and to create a healthier gambling market. In addition, the identification measures will help to ensure that underage players are not allowed to gamble.

The new identification system will be similar to the process for coupon games, such as Eurojackpot and Lotto, and will require players to confirm their identities with a Veikkaus Card, a Kela card, or a digital Veikkaus card.

Veikkaus claims to be the first gambling company in the world to require identification for all of its games, whether digital or land-based. According to Susanna Saikkonen, Veikkaus’ responsibility director, the identification system will also allow players to track their playtime and spending, as well as set annual loss limits. Additionally, the verification system will enhance the efficiency of Veikkaus’ exclusion scheme.

Ville Venojärvi, Veikkaus’ head of lottery games, praised the change and noted that players who have purchased lottery tickets over Christmas would still be able to redeem them without identification.

However, Veikkaus is also preparing for reforms in Finnish gambling that would put an end to its monopoly. While the state-owned company is not firmly opposed to the changes, it warned that the drastic shift will likely force it to undergo major internal restructuring, potentially leading to hundreds of job losses.

The company expects a quarter of its workforce to be affected in some way. Overall, Veikkaus is taking significant steps to ensure responsible gambling and adapt to the changing landscape of the Finnish gambling industry.