Virginia Lottery Renews and Expands Collaboration with IGT

IGT Extends Partnership with the Virginia Lottery Through 2033

International Game Technology (IGT), the leading supplier of technology and solutions for gaming and lottery operators worldwide, has announced a partnership extension with the Virginia Lottery. The new collaboration, which was announced on Monday, extends the partnership for three years through October 2033.

The deal was signed between the Lottery and IGT’s subsidiary, IGT Global Solutions Corporation. In addition to the three-year extension, the agreement includes options for further collaboration through three one-year extensions.

Under the extended partnership, the Virginia Lottery will benefit from enhanced solutions provided by IGT, including an upgrade to its lottery central system, communications network, and the introduction of new engaging point-of-sale terminals. These features are expected to be launched around October 2025.

The new contract also includes the deployment of IGT’s newest central retail system, Aurora, and the replacement of 5,500 retail terminals with the Retailer Pro S2, allowing the Lottery to benefit from high-speed terminals capable of managing large volumes of data.

The extended partnership marks an important milestone for the Virginia Lottery and IGT, as they have been collaborating for over two decades. In 2020, the Lottery selected IGT as its prime provider for instant tickets, and in 2000, it first gained access to IGT’s leading technology.

Jay Gendron, IGT’s chief operating officer, global lottery, highlighted the upgraded technology being deployed for the Virginia Lottery as part of the extension, which will offer increased flexibility for managing back-end operations. He also noted that the introduction of IGT’s progressive jackpot feature promises to deliver exceptional experiences for players in Virginia.

Tony R. Russell, interim director of the Virginia Lottery, expressed gratitude for IGT’s partnership since 2000, stating that IGT has helped responsibly modernize the Lottery’s offerings and drive sales growth. He emphasized the strategic long-term partnership, which has enabled the Lottery to grow its operations while ensuring responsible offerings. Russell predicted that the improvements under the new contract will deliver new experiences for players and raise revenue for public education via Virginia’s K-12 program.