Ygam’s 10th Anniversary Year Brings Celebration to UK Charity Sector

Ygam is one of the leading gambling harm charities in the United Kingdom, and it is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The organization has received praise from industry leaders and politicians, including gambling minister Stuart Andrew.

Ygam has been at the forefront of preventing gambling harm for the past decade, providing education and treatment to thousands of people. Since 2014, the company has trained over 17,000 individuals to raise awareness about the dangers of problem gambling. Its programs have also reached over 3 million children and youths.

To mark the occasion of its anniversary, Ygam will be hosting a series of special events, campaigns, and announcements throughout the year.

Stuart Andrew commended Ygam for its achievements and expressed his desire to continue working with the charity. He emphasized the government’s commitment to discussing measures to protect people, especially children, from gambling harm.

Other Members of Parliament also praised Ygam for its work in preventing gambling harm, including Stephanie Peacock and Dame Rosie Winterton. They lauded the organization for its proactive approach to raising awareness and providing essential education.

In addition to political figures, leaders from various charitable organizations also celebrated Ygam’s anniversary. Ged Flynn, chief executive at PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide, praised Ygam for its training to educators, while Vicky Shotbolt, Parent Zone’s chief executive, emphasized the importance of protecting young people from gambling harm.

The CEO of GambleAware, Zoë Osmond, described gambling harm as a serious public health issue and thanked Ygam for its valuable work. Other leaders from organizations such as Gordon Moody, GamCare, Betknowmore UK, and GAMSTOP also expressed their support and recognition of the impact Ygam has had on the gambling education space.

The co-director of Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research, Professor Agnes Nairn, extended well wishes to Ygam for the next decade as well.

Overall, Ygam’s 10th anniversary has been met with widespread praise and recognition from industry professionals, politicians, and other charitable organizations, highlighting the significant impact the organization has had in the prevention of gambling harm.